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Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the French & Spanish National Honor Society at a ceremony held on Wednesday, January 10, 2023.  

President, Los sobresalientes, Spanish: Amahra Reiss
Secretary, Los sobresalientes, Spanish: Maggie Turner

President, Les troubadours, French: Ashleigh Johnson
Secretary, Les troubadours, French: Lucas McGrail

French Inductees:
Corin Clougherty
Olivia Cornock
Lillian Mercer

Spanish Inductees:
Amanda Byron
Daniel Egan
Kyle Hoffman
Luke Holden
Scarlet Peabody
Emma Robbins
Sarah Stairs 



Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the National Honor Society at a ceremony held on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.  

President: Shana Struski
Vice President: Riley Reed-Davis
Secretary: Gemma Tibbetts
Publicity Coordinator:  Holly Weston

Class of 2023:
Nathan Glover
Ashleigh Johnson
Hailey Nelson

Class of 2024:
Robert Alpert
Jessica Baldwin
Kathleen Blotner
Patrick Brown
Madison Butler
Corin Clougherty
Nina Desroches
Breyden Eaton
Brandon Gainey
Sarah Gould
Jameson Helms
Luke Holden
Sarah Langtry
Derek Lopes
Lucas McGrail
Jack Miller
Lucas Mueller
Molly O’Connor
Grace O’Neill
Robert Peterson
Brooke Slavin
Zachary Todd
Maggie Turner
MacKenzie Wall
Alex Wawrzyniak
Dylan Young
Cameron Zaniboni

Congratulations to the Middle School Drama Club in their first ever musical production, Annie, Jr.  on December 2 & 3rd.   Bravo to the whole cast, crew, advisors and volunteers on a wonderful show!


Click here to read the full press release



Earlier this week Bridgewater State University came to CMHS for “Instant Decision Day.”  Students were interviewed by an admissions counselor and got an on the spot acceptance, many accepted into their honors program!  Congratulations to those who were accepted!

Congratulations to Charlie Donovan who has been selected to represent Carver Middle High School as our PROJECT 351 Ambassador due to his leadership, kindness, and willingness to give to others.  Project 351 is a statewide youth-driven service organization that unites eighth grade students from each city and town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for a year of leadership development, enrichment, and impact. Through unique service opportunities, Ambassadors gain skills in order to create positive change in communities.



Congratulations to Middle School Term 1 Honor Roll students:

Grade 6:

Allegrini, Reagan
Beaulieu, James
Brooks, Amelia
Campbell, Abigail
Charbonneau, Drake
Clark, Joshua
Courage, Olivia
Daly, Madison
Donovan, Joseph
Fernald, Alex
Greenwood, Serena
Hamill, Nathan
Hamill, Travis
Jahel, Fernanda
Kamp, Kate
Langton, Quinn
Lovendale, Jake
McGinnity, Jolee
McPhee, Gabriel
Medico, Colby
Metrano, Sydney
Moore, Madison
Moretti, Liliana
Mueller, Elliott
Mulready, Sierra
Perry, Danielle
Reed, Patricia
Rodericks, Logan
Rogers, Charlotte
Showan, Michael
Sincyr, Corrine
Smith, Colin
Souza, Jordyn
Sprunk, Hailey
Sylvester, Moira
Thomas, Dillon
Todd, William
Tully, Victoria
Tyler, Nathaniel
Valera, Ayla
Villanueva, Abel
Walker, Jasmine
Whipple, Taylor
Wood, Amelia


Grade 7:

Badger, Jesse
Bowlby, Miley
Cole, Julian
Daly, Leila
Deluca, Daniel
Dennen, Marjorie
Gadles, Braeden
Ginnetty, Brian
Hayes, Jared
Helms, Josephine
Kinan, Annalise
Liddell, Cash
Lyman, William
Mari, Lucas
McLean, Peyton
Mercer, Nathanael
Obshatkin, David
Pink, Timothy
Place, Douglas
Porter, Luke
Soliwoda, Landon
Stairs, Tyler
Young, Lindsey
Grade 8:
Adduci, Anna
Beaulieu, Aubrey
Hayes, Jacoby
Holden, Jake
Lafountain, Alivia
Le, Phuc
MacKechnie, Ceilidh
McPhee, Jacamo
Milonas, Mia
Mulready, Lily
Preston, Samantha
Tenneson, Grace


Grade 6:

Bevilacqua, Alice
Bonney, Derek
Bromley, Lilah
Butterworth, Carter
Cadorette, Allie
Caputo, Kacie
Carr, Tristan
Ceurvels, Cooper
Costa, Abigail
Currie, Charles
Dahlquist, Matthew
Deptula, Skyla
Doherty, Reed
Domuczicz, Iszak
Dowding, Trinity
Eby, Benjamin
Fellini, Gianna
Fernald, Jesse
Fernald, Leah
Friday, Alexis
Gadles, Catherine
Gemme, Noah
Gori, Riain
Hannula, Gabriella
Hitchcock, Jazlynn
Jenkins, Brandon
Johnson, Ella
Kelly, Catherine
Kistner, Sophia
LaBelle, Matthew
Lindsay, Alyanna
Lindsay, Cheyenne
Lukasik, Mason
Maloney, Parker
Matinzi, Lillie
McNamee, Teagan
Meyers, Kayla
Minahan, Adam
Moore, Matthew
Okelly-Irr, Avaleena
Pelton, Meagan
Pierce, Gunner
Prado, Brayden
Price, Sophia
Putney, Ava
Salaycik, Mila
Sepulveda, Jake
Sincyr, Ava
Speakman, Cameron
Todd, Henry
Walsh, Emily
Wild, Marina
Wiley, Trace

Grade 7:

Balonis, Jaelyn
Bromley, Benjamin
Bryer, David
Carey, Aidan
Cheverie, Cora
Ciavarro, Will
Correa, Braeden
Crowe, Aiden
Dansereau, Elijah
Drosos, Olivia
Durling, Abigail
Eaton, Madelyn
Gemme, Liam
Grimes, Andrew
Hurst, Matylda
Hyland, Grace
Johnson, Tyler
Jones, Connor
King, Wesley
Mannix, Hope
Moore, Lyla
Ordonez, Arianna
Pagnini, Ethan
Pedro, Jack
Perry, Albino
Prajapati, Nancy
Pratt, Rena
Randall, Keith
Russell, Daxon
Ryan, Kellie
Sampson, Brayden
Santos, Melania
Tassi, Jackson
Thomas, Kane
Troup, Austin
Tuffy, Lilah
Turner, Lily
Utley, Avery
Virden, Jason
Wall, Emma
Wild, Ayden
Wilson, Jason


Grade 8:

Baker, Brianna
Benting, Brooklyn
Blackwell, Nathan
Brown, Aubree
Bump, Ryan
Chandler, Gianna
Donovan, Charles
Durant, Zachary
Ellis, Malorie
Gainey, Alejandra
Giorgio, Madelyn
Hathaway, Abigail
Holmes, Owen
Jette, Dasia
Johnson, Zachary
Kennedy, Mackenzie
Levy, Maddix
Loring, Sophia
Mahoney, Marlee
Patton, Connor
Peterson, Carly
Plante, Mark
Reed, Aaron
Salaycik, Natasha
Sanchez, Arianna
Savastano, David
Sawicki, Mitchel
Shea, Riley
Sturtevant, Leah
Turner, Wyatt
Wood, Ava


Grade 6:

Arcanjo, Andre
Bradley, Isabella
Canale, Samantha
Dean, Charles
Farquharson, Ian
Gurney, Lorelei
Kamp, Elaina
MacDonald, Violette
Peabody, Silas
Randall, Bryson
Rush, Andrew
Russell, Evan


Grade 7:

Clougherty, Joseph
Dineen, Clayton
Fletcher, Isabella
Grimes, Ryan
Leventry, Ryan
Slavin, Shawn


Grade 8:

Cantave, Adriel
Cullum, Charles
Figueroa, Penelope
Garza, Hannah
LaBelle, Ryan
Look, Seamus
Martin, Maximus
Michaud, Caelle
Mullen, Devyn
Paige, Kaleb
Pires, Crystal
Racette, Alexandra
Smith, Kendall
Trudeau, Jax
Verville, Serina




Congratulations to Pathways Bio-Tech Students on receiving their OSHA certifications!




Carver Middle High School Unified Athletes were celebrated at the Pep Rally during spirit week as they proudly carried in the banner identifying Carver Middle High School as a nationally recognized Unified Champion School.  Congratulations once more to the Unfired Athletes and Coaches!

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Please see the flyer below for updates on Project Based Learning  (PBL) at the Middle High School

Click here for a downloadable PDF

Grade 10  students participated in the annual “Civics Fair where they were able to interact with town departments set up at “college-fair” style tables to explore the role of local government in the US political system and reinforce the importance of civic engagement and self-government!

Many thanks to the presenters from the Town of Carver for making this event a success: Mark Pineo & Lisa Eriksson (Veterans Affairs), Cara Dahill (Town Clerk), Stephanie Clougherty & Marc Townsend (School Committee Chair/Chair of Select Board),  Jesse Boyle (Carver Fire Assistant Deputy Chief), Gary Flaherty (Conservation), Sheri Sarmento (Deputy Police Chief), Mike Ryan (EMS), Kevin Forgue (Health Agent), Joe Roche & Kathy Kay (Assessors & Finance), Robert Fennesy (Town Administrator), and Tom Bott (Town Planner)

Congratulations to Shana Struski who received the “Commended Student” designation from the National Merit Scholar program for her exemplary scores on the PSAT exam (including a perfect score on the writing and language section). Her scores placed her in the top 1% of all scores in the United States! She was formally recognized at the School Committee meeting on October 3, 2022 for this tremendous accomplishment.



Carver Middle High welcomed new grade 9 students at the Freshmen/New Student Orientation.  Many thanks to SRO Mike Wall and the Carver Police Department for contributing to the cost of food.

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