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Chromebook Information

Students and a family member are required to attend a meeting before receiving a Chromebook.  Click Here for the Chromebook Presentation from the deployment meeting.


Parent Helps for Technology Use
There are many resources to help parents set limits and navigate the discussions about how and when technology use is appropriate.


Cases and Chargers

Two different models of Chromebooks have been purchased during the two phases of a multiyear plan.  We purchase the most fiscally responsible model each year and therefore, the Chromebook your child receives is dependent on their year of graduation (see below).  Every Chromebook comes with one charger and if a student loses their charger it will need to be replaced by the student.  Please note that cases are not provided to students.  Students may not decorate their Chromebook unless they purchase a case for it.  If a student wishes to purchase a case, please use the specs as follows:

Year of Graduation (2020, 2021, 2022)  Lenovo Chromebook Specs Datasheet for cases.  Lenovo N22 CHARGER REPLACEMENT.

Year of Graduation (2019 and 2023) Dell Chromebook Specs Data Sheet for cases.  Dell 3180 CHARGER REPLACEMENT


Insurance Links

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many questions regarding the use and care of Chromebooks can be found in the parent presentation.
  • Do I have to keep the box that Chromebook comes home in?
    We are asking all parents to keep the box in case it is needed for shipping for repair.
  • Can I change the insurance option I selected? For the upcoming year, Securranty is the insurance vendor:
  • How with CMHS be using Chromebooks for learning?
    A visioning process took place beginning August 2015 to develop a technology vision and how integrating technology can improve student learning.  The Carver Technology Vision Plan details a three-year proposed roll out to support student learning. 
  • What happens in my child’s Chromebook needs to be sent in for repair?
    The parent files the claim and the parent lets the school know that a claim has been filed (fill out this quick form: CMHS Claim Verification Formand this allows the student to use a Chromebook during a class, if needed (first come first serve) until the Chromebook is repaired and shipped back. 

– Questions can be addressed to Janelle Holley, Principal.; 508-866-6130.



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