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Chromebook Information


Please see the information below for information about Carver Public Schools’ Chromebooks such as:
  • Parent Helps for Technology Use
  • Cases and Chargers
  • Chromebook FAQ’s
  • Chromebook Loaner Process for Students

Any additional questions can be addressed to your student’s building principal.


Procedure for Chromebook Repairs

To have your student’s Chromebook repaired, please follow the process below:

  1. Students should visit the main office during AW, WIN or lunch block to drop off their broken or damaged device at the building main office.
  2. For certain issues–at the discretion of office staff and school administration–you will receive a permanent replacement device at the time of drop off. If your device is damaged, you will be automatically billed via MySchoolBucks for any damage charges.
  3. Students will not receive their original chromebook back. The replacement you received from the main office will become your new permanent device. However, students will be billed for any damage to devices that are checked in for repair.

Student Chromebook Repair Price List



Entire Device (lost, stolen, missing or beyond repair)














LCD Bezel/Plastic


Top Case


Bottom Case


Parent Helps for Technology Use

There are many resources to help parents set limits and navigate the discussions about how and when technology use is appropriate.

Cases and Chargers

Two different models of Chromebooks have been purchased during the two phases of a multiyear plan.  We purchase the most fiscally responsible model each year and therefore, the Chromebook your child receives is dependent on their year of graduation (see below).  Every Chromebook comes with one charger and if a student loses their charger it will need to be replaced by the student.  Please note that cases are not provided to students.  Students may not decorate their Chromebook unless they purchase a case for it.  If a student wishes to purchase a case, please use the specs as follows:

  • Dell Laptop/Chromebook Charger 65W Watt USB Type C AC Power Adapter Include Power Cord for Dell XPS 12 9250,XPS 13 9350 9360 9365 9370 9380, LA65NM170 HA65NM170,02YK0F 0M1WCF


FAQs regarding Chromebooks at CMHS:

What is the process for new students to receive a Chromebook
Students enrolling in CMHS during the school year will be able to pick up their district assigned Chromebook in the main office on the first day they attend classes. For grade six students, a distribution schedule is communicated prior to the start of the school year. Please contact the main office if you have additional questions.

What is the penalty box?  This is a feature of the Chromebook filtering software. It will only allow students to visit a select few web sites, eg Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Aspen — and nothing else.

How does a student enter the penalty box?  Building Administration and the Technology department will place a student into the GoGuardian penalty box at the request of a teacher. Technology puts the student into the penalty box via the filtering console. This will only be done at the request of a teacher or administrator, who should also provide an end date.

What should a student do if their Chromebook is broken? Refer to the above information “Procedure for Chromebook Repairs”

What is the procedure for students who withdraw from our school who were given a Chromebook?   They should give their Chromebook and charger to their building’s main office with their withdrawal papers before leaving school.

What to do if a student damages a loaner?   Once it is reported to administration, an administrator will contact the student’s parent/guardian and make them aware of the incident. If we are able to determine the student has damaged the loaner they will be required to repair or replace. 




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