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“Apps” and Communications

Carver Elementary School APP


This APP is specifically for the Carver Elementary School and it allows parents and supporters of the Carver Elementary School to keep up with what’s happening at our school anywhere, anytime, right from your smartphone.

The Carver Elementary School APP, by A Plus LLC, is a free mobile app that enables you to stay connected to your student’s school.  Anyone with a smartphone can download the APP through either the Apple and Android app stores for free.

Make sure you turn on notifications:

  • Click on MENU at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose SETTINGS.
  • Tap ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS and click the checkbox.
  • Restart the APP.



Middle High School Communications

CARVER MIDDLE HIGH SCHOOL will be using the new ASPEN information system for their parent/teacher communications.

Teachers will be using the ASPEN program to record your student’s grades throughout the year and a tentative schedule is posted as well. This program will allow students and parents/guardians to access grading information online on a regular basis.  When parents/guardians access this account, they will be able to view their student’s portion of the gradebook for each class.

Teachers are expected to keep this program updated on a bi-weekly basis. If you have any questions or problems setting up your account please contact the main office at 508-866-6130.

Please click the link below for a step by step parent guide:
Aspen How to’s:  Carver’s Family Portal QRC



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