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“Apps” and Communications

ClassTag! Communications


We are using the ClassTag communications program Districtwide for our parent/student communications which will include Athletics and Extracurriculars.

This program has been in use at the Elementary School since 2021 and we piloted this platform during the spring of 2023 in the Athletic Department for the Middle High School grade levels. The goal in using this program is to provide clear, consistent communication regarding all things for your students in one place, as opposed to having multiple apps for each of your students activities.

There are several important things you need to know about the ClassTag program in order to make it a convenient and successful experience.

    This information / communication system works directly with our Aspen information system and therefore all of your and your students information will be continually updated with the most current information as you inform the school of any changes. Please note: the latest information listed in our Aspen information system will be the contact information that is used to contact you through the ClassTag platform.Please take a moment to log into your Aspen parent portal to make sure the information listed for you is current, including your email and mobile phone number. This information can be viewed and updated by completing an updated emergency contact card by following these simple instructions. This step will also ensure that the school has the most up to date information for you and your students: can access information for their students classes through ClassTag by logging in or creating an account with the email address listed for them in Aspen.
    There are a number of ways you can be contacted through ClassTag and you can select your preferred method of contact; by email, text message, in the app, or you can opt out of communications altogether. If you choose, you can view information for your student’s activities on the ClassTag App that you can download on your phone. Note: When logging into ClassTag for the first time please select “SIGN IN” and use the email address or phone number listed in for you in your student’s Aspen account. If you need a password, please select “forget password” at the bottom and this will reset your password securely for you to log in.
    At this time
     students will receive email communications/notifications from their coaches and will be able to communicate with coaches through the ClassTag portal/app but will not have access to the parent information/ main page s that will provide additional resources and notification listings for parents.  Students can log into ClassTag to connect with their teachers/advisors/coaches by logging in through google with their student email accounts.

If you have any questions please reach out to your building main office / coaches or advisors / or the District Communications Coordinator, Gina Marie Russell at [email protected]

ASPEN Information / Grading System

We will be using the the ASPEN information system for parent/student information and for the teacher grading system.

Teachers will be using the ASPEN program to record your student’s grades throughout the year and a tentative schedule is posted as well. This program will allow students and parents/guardians to access grading information online on a regular basis.  When parents/guardians access this account, they will be able to view their student’s portion of the gradebook for each class.


Teachers at the middle high school level are expected to keep this program updated on a bi-weekly basis. If you have any questions or problems setting up your account please contact the main office at 508-866-6130.

Please click the link below for a step by step parent guide:
Aspen How to’s:  Carver’s Family Portal QRC



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