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Special Ed Parent Advisory Council

If your child is going to receive special services through the Carver School system, you may have many questions about the process, how it works, and how you as a parent can participate. This experience can be very confusing and overwhelming. You are a very important participant in your child’s education, and it is essential that you are aware of your rights as a parent, as well as those of your child. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) can help you to become a successful advocate for your child.

Note: 11/25/2019
The State Department of Education requires districts have a
Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC).  The role of this Council is to provide input to the School Committee, Superintendent, and Director of Special Education regarding the District’s special education services and programs.

The District is seeking officers for SEPAC.  The Council should meet a minimum of three times per year and ideally have members who would participate in other parent and district advisory groups such as the PTO, the Elementary and Middle/High School Advisory Councils. 

At this time through 12/20/19 we will accept names of parents interested in being nominated for the following SEPAC roles:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary

If you are interested in running for one or more of these positions, please submit your name, contact information and position interest to Lisa Dishaw, SpEd Administrative Assistant via email or 508.866.6190.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact Karen Teichert, SpEd Director, via email or 508.866.6190 or Carol Spiewakowski, current SEPAC Officer, at 508.320.2555.






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