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Internship Opportunities

What is the Carver Middle High School Internship Program?

The Carver Middle High School Senior Internship Program is a hands-on experience for high school seniors that occurs  during the school day typically for 8 to 10 hours per week for academic credit and/or monetary compensation.

Internships offer students the opportunity to become effectively engaged in real world settings. Where the focus is to experience the day-to-day activities in a particular field or business. Participation in this program also enables the ongoing development and understanding of acceptable standards within the workplace and  provides insight into the educational requirements of a given career pathway.

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Things to consider…

  • Students are  scheduled for a semester-long internship from either September-January OR January-May in a given year.
  • The block of time  a student is scheduled for internship remains constant. However the days of the week rotate. Typically, a student is scheduled for 3 to 4 days a week Monday through Friday on days and times that school is in session.
  • Student interns are responsible for their own transportation to and from internship sites.
  • Students need to be supervised throughout the internship experience
  • Businesses are able to recruit student interns for paid positions beyond the internship schedule.
  • Student interns are able to provide businesses with a detailed schedule months in advance
  • Internship sites will need to periodically complete the “Work-based Learning Plan” evaluating their interns performance, in addition to reviewing  and signing weekly timesheets.
  • Potential interns are required to participate in work-place readiness training prior to the internship.
  • The Internship Coordinator will serve as a liaison between the student intern and business, monitoring student attendance, ensuring performance standards are met, and mitigating any issues or concerns that may arise.

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or just want to learn more… Contact Tammy Miller, Internship Coordinator at: [email protected] or by phone at 508.866.6189


The Internship Process and Timeline for Students

of Junior year students begin Junior Workshop and learn of the specific requirements for, and opportunities within, the Senior Internship Program. March of Junior year students are given an Internship Interest Form. Interested students are asked to complete the form, attaching their resume, and submit it to the Internship Coordinator by April 1st

APRIL of Junior year students begin meeting with the Internship Coordinator to establish potential internship options that align with their interests, schedule and access to transportation and simultaneously participate in work-place readiness activities through Junior Workshop.

MAY – AUGUST the Internship Coordinator reaches out to businesses and community partners to arrange interviews for students and discuss potential internships.

AUGUST of senior year students attend internship orientation facilitated by the Internship Coordinator.  Students update their resume, create an internship calendar to accurately communicate their internship schedule to their supervisor, review job etiquette and the expectations and regulations associated with the internship.

SEPTEMBER of senior year semester 1 and year- long interns begin their internship experience.

JANUARY of senior year, semester 1 interns conclude their internship and semester 2 interns attend internship orientation and begin their internship.

MAY of senior year semester 2 interns and year-long interns conclude their experience




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