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Carver Middle/High School
Nurse’s Office
(508) 866-6145

Karen Showan, R.N.
Jessica Foley, R.N.
Lorraine Leahy, Health Aide

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you or your child have questions or concerns.

We conduct health screenings mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Health:

  • scoliosis screening for students in grades 5- 9
  • annual vision and hearing screenings for students in grades 7 &10
  • BMI screening for students in grades 7 and 10

Attention Sixth Grade Parents:
Please review the immunization requirements for all Massachusetts students entering the seventh grade. An updated physical exam is also required at this time. If your child has a physical during the current school year, please send a copy to the school nurse so we may update our records. If your child has not had a recent physical, please make an appointment with your primary care physician. Your child will not be allowed to enter 7th grade without meeting these state requirements.

Please call the office with any questions or concerns.


School Flu Awareness Cover Letter

The Flu Guide for Parents




Allergy Action Plan


Medication Authorization Letter

Medication Consent Form

Health Policy
High School Student Handbook

Medication Order Form

Physical Exams

Food and Drink Policy



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