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Summer Reading 6-12 (2023-24)

ELA Booklist (6-12)                |        ELA Reading Log

History Booklist (7-11)   |           History FORM  (7-11)


ELA & History Summer Reading Message: 

Dear Students and Families,

As summer quickly approaches, we want to make sure you are aware of the details of the CMHS ELA & History summer reading program. This program builds more opportunities to read and write across the curriculum, helps students transition smoothly between grades, and empowers our young readers to select titles that match their reading levels and interests.

Students are required to read at least *two books over the summer, due first day of school: 

  1. one from the ELA list and 
  2. one from the History list.


  • Students entering 6th grade and 12th grade will read an ELA book only  (no history book)
  • Students entering 9th & 10th Honors English will be assigned an additional (whole class) reading. 
  • Students enrolled in AP English or AP History are assigned different readings.


  • English: Students going into grades 6 – 8 must complete a ELA Reading Log: due by the first day of school (8/30). Students in all grades should be ready to demonstrate their knowledge of the books through presentation, writing, and discussion. 
  • History: Students going into grades 7-11 must complete a History Reading FORM: due by the first day (8/30) 

We encourage students to make wise choices for their books (many of the titles are reviewed thoroughly on and to get a jumpstart on the summer reading for both subjects. 

Books are available at: 

  • the CMHS Ramsay Library Summer Reading Checkout. 
  • the following Free Digital Resources (including many audiobook versions). 
  • and online book stores. 

Feel free to contact us with questions, and have a great summer!

Bob Ewell
English Department Chair
(508) 866-6148
[email protected]

Brian Lamoureux
History Department Chair
[email protected]



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