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Summer Reading 6-12

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ELA & History Summer Reading Letter: June 5, 2020

Carver Students and Parents:

As summer is quickly approaching, we want to make sure you are aware of the details of the CMHS ELA & History summer reading program. This program builds more opportunities to read and write across the curriculum and is designed to help transition students smoothly from one year to the next. Because libraries are still closed at the moment, we have expanded our lists to increase flexibility and have included many titles available for free on digital resources, which are linked below.

Students will be expected to read at least two books over the summer. One of these required books will be assigned and assessed in students’ History classes. The other will be assigned and assessed in students’ English classes.

  • Students entering 6th grade will read only one book from the ELA Choice List. They will have no required history book.
  • Students entering 10th Honors English will be assigned The  Great Gatsby in addition to a book from the 10th grade ELA Choice List.
  • Students enrolled in AP English or History courses are assigned different reading from those AP teachers.
Justification of the Texts 

History Texts were chosen based on their relevance to upcoming subject matter, and their broad appeal.

English Texts were chosen to accommodate a range of interests and reading levels.


Students going into grades 6 – 8 must complete Reading Logs, have them signed by a parent or guardian, and hand them in to their English teachers on the first day of school. Students in all grades should be ready to demonstrate their knowledge of the books through presentation, writing, and discussion.

Students going into grades 7-11 must complete  and have signed the History Choice Reading Log  or guide that goes along with their book. Upon their return students should also be ready to demonstrate their understanding of the book through informal discussion or writing.


The CMHS Ramsay Library is hosting a Summer Reading Checkout. Here is the Digital Request Form.
(Books will be available for pick-up the last week of school when your grade is scheduled to visit CMHS to return items.)

Many of the titles (including many audiobook versions) are available for free at the following Free Digital Resources.

Titles are also available for purchase from,, and many other online book stores.

Enjoy the summer!
We look forward to discussing these books in the fall.

The English & History Departments

Bob Ewell
English Department Chair
(508) 866-6148
[email protected]

Brian Lamoureux
History Department Chair
[email protected]





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