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DEI Working Group


The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group engages all stakeholders of the Carver Public Schools to design and implement strategies that value diversity and ensure equity. The group will do this through courageous conversations and actions which support a culturally inclusive community in a changing global society.


  • Implement baseline assessments to determine our status in relation to our vision.
  • Foster a sense of belonging where all members of the school community feel included.
  • Establish recruitment and retention practices that increase the diversity of the staff.
Community Agreement

  • Step up and step back; “all voices are important”
  • Create a brave space; listen to learn, not to respond
  • Lean into discomfort; unpack the tension
  • Work the idea, not the person
  • Speak from the “I”; Own your intentions and impact, and respect others’ experiences and feelings
  • Challenge with care, and reflect with sincerity
  • Expect and accept non-closure; anti-racist work is on-going and will be challenging at times
  • Respect the clock; the work doesn’t end, but meetings have to!
  • Speak up and slow down
  • The work is public; the conversations are private

2023-2024 Members

Cheryl Burr
Teacher, Grade 3, CES
Jay Bonney
Student Representative
Nadia Castro
Parent/Guardian Representative
Teresa Fernandes-Payne
Teacher, Mathematics, CMHS
Elizabeth Goodwin
M.L.L. Specialist, CMHS
Elizabeth Gray-Guimaraes
Teacher, Special Education, CMHS
Izzy Jezierski
Student Representative
Lauren Jezierski
Parent/Guardian Representative
Tammy Johnson
Teacher, Mathematics, CMHS
Scott Knief
Kat Krampf
Teacher, Music, CES
Jackie Lake (as of 4/25)
School Committee Representative
Melissa Leary

Director of Special Education
Jasvir MacIntosh
Teacher, Mathematics, CMHS
Joyce Macrina
Teacher, Grade 3, CES
Ruby Maestas
Principal, CES
Shay Thompson
Parent/Guardian Representative
Eileen McPherson
Registered Behavior Technician, CMHS
Kelley Niemi (up to 4/24)
School Committee Representative
Jacqui Perkins
Teacher, English, CMHS
Naomi Stahl
Associate Principal, CMHS
Katie Sullivan (as of 4/25)
School Committee Representative

Amy Ten Berge
Educational Support Professional, CMHS

Jennifer Thayer
Occupational Therapist
Christine Thomas
Teacher, Grade 4, CES
Kevin Thompson
Educational Support Professional, CES
Patricia Tobin
M.L.L. Specialist, CES
Anne Wass
Community Representative
Julia Whalen
Teacher, Science, CMHS
Mary Willett
Teacher, Special Education, CMHS
Colleen Zaniewski (up to 4/24)
School Committee Representative





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