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Director of Transportation
Maureen Siedentopf

Transportation Clerk
Kim Mitchell

The primary purpose of the school system’s transportation services is to aid students in getting to and from school in a safe, efficient, and economical manner.

The school district owns and maintains its own fleet of vehicles and employs school bus drivers to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation system.

2020-2021 BUS ROUTES


Transportation requests for 2020-2021 school year:

To start the school year, all families  are required to fill out a transportation form.

Transportation Form 2020-2021(print version)

Please Note:
The print version of this form is an editable PDF’s for your convenience which can be filled out digitally.  After completing a form, it must be saved in order to capture your information.  The saved file can then be sent electronically to Maureen Siedentopf

  • Troubleshooting tips:
    You may need to download it to your computer prior to entering your information in order to save it correctly.
  • You can also select the “print to a PDF” option if it does not allow you to save it.

You can also print and take clear pictures of them and send them over via email and lastly if you prefer to mail them, you can send them to 3 Carver Square Blvd., Carver, MA  02330

Director of Transportation
Maureen Siedentopf

Transportation Clerk:
Kimberly Mitchell

Bus Drivers:

Taylor Avery
Paul Bevacqua
Janet Buffington

Tammy Burke
Robert Calef
Steven Demers
Wayne Edwards
Jill Favreau
Jacqui Feid
Colin Ferla
Maureen Freitas
Paula Hammond
Pamela Harding
Margaret Kinan
Alana King
Susan Laine
Richard Lemon
Kimberly Mitchell
Stephanie Morrisseau
Krystle Ordonez
Mondeth Phan

Deborah Sheehan

Lee O’Donnell

Special Education Bus Monitors:
Liam Davidson
Roberta  Grant



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