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Cranberry Village Crew

On Saturday April 30th, eleven CMHS students participated in a Spring- Cleanup project at Cranberry Village in Carver as part of their community service requirement. The students raked and cleaned up the area around the Clubhouse and were treated to breakfast by the appreciative residents.


Accompanied by history department chair Brian Lamoureux, the students included…

  • Sophomores: Andrew Bumpus; Chris Burns; Nick Jones; Jonathan Letsche; Aiden Patten; Justin Roman and…
  • Juniors: Christian Bragalone; Cameron Keefe;  Alex Machado; Christopher Mallon; Madelyn Wright

Carver students have now volunteered at a number of clean-ups and fundraisers organized by Helping Hands—a group led by Pat Henderson that serves the residents of Cranberry Village. Students who would like to volunteer at Helping Hand’s 3rd Annual Fundraiser, June 25th should contact Mr. Lamoureux.



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Water Testing Results

Based on the last round of sampling of 20 water taps in our school 4 exceeded the Massachusetts and Federal levels for lead content.  The maximum level permitted is .015 milligrams per liter.  The four taps above the level tested at .017, .027, .036 and .021 milligrams per liter respectively.  To protect our students and staff have taken appropriate precautions.  Please see the attached document for additional information.  This letter was sent home with students Wednesday February 3, 2016



James Otis Scholars

CMHS seniors Conor Blomquist, Jonah Puskar, Arianna Rozen, Carley Ryan, and Gabrielle Tracey were selected by the History Department and Principal Knief to participate in the eighth annual James Otis Lecture Series at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

This series is presented every September by the Massachusetts chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates to help commemorate Constitution Day, the signing of the United States Constitution on September 17, and to help honor the memory of the great people who created our government.

Students sat in the Chamber of the House of Representative in the State House and heard a panel of law experts deliver speeches and answer questions during the program– How Worcester County Saved the Jury System (and why it matters).

The students enjoyed the field trip, learned insightful information about the jury system and are now recognized as “James Otis Scholars.”


From left to right: Seniors Arianna Rozen, Conor Blomquist, Gabrielle Tracey, Jonah Puskar, and Carley Ryan. Students stand in the State House front of a mural of James Otis-the lectures’ namesake-arguing against the British Writs of Assistance.

CMHS Parent Teacher Conferences-3/5. ONLINE SIGN-UPS

Carver Middle High School

This spring, for the convenience of you, our students and our teachers, conference scheduling will be done ONLINE .


Whether you have one student or multiple – all conferences can be scheduled at once.

Click the link/open the website above. Directions are provided.

created by: Scott Knief

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