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Common Assessments

21st Century Learning Expectations:

In their history courses, students regularly practice all five of CMHS’ 21st C. Learning Expectations (reading, researching, collaborating, writing, and presenting), with progress often measured by adapted school rubrics.  All five rubrics here.

Departmental Responsibility:

The History Department’s primary area of responsibility is #2a: Access & Select Information Critically and Ethically # 2a Rubric

Four Common Assessments:

Students will complete *four common assessments per year in their history courses

  • Two target the 2a expectation and are measured by that rubric in its entirety. (progress communicated to parents once per semester)
  • Two target a mixture of expectations including writing (history’s secondary area of responsibility) and are measured by adopted school rubric pieces.

*See your teacher’s Class Guidelines/Course Outline for a schedule of the four common assessments. (In semester electives, students complete two common assessments)




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