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Coyote Book Collection

Coyote Book Collection 
Second Floor, RM 253

Hours: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm when school is in session

Mrs. Kent, Technology and Library Teacher
Mr. Thompson, Book Collection and Library Assistant


Welcome to the Coyote Book Collection (Library).

The book collection can be viewed and books can be reserved by students. There is a schedule for each grade level and cohort. Please refer to this link: Book Collection.

Students will access this link using the icon via their ClassLink page. The Destiny web address (or URL) for our school is

Book Collection Class has been postponed while we are in Remote and Hybrid Schedule Models.

The curriculum in the library classes follows the Massachusetts English Language Arts and Literacy Standards for Grades PreK-5  and the Massachusetts School Library Association Standards and Rubrics.


  • All materials must be checked out and students are responsible for any materials checked out to them.
  • Lost or damaged materials must be paid for or replaced with a copy of the same title. Checks may be made out to Carver Public Schools.
  • Students who loan materials (that are checked out to them) to other students are still responsible for their borrowed materials.
  • All overdue materials, more than two (2) weeks, must be returned before a student may borrow more.
  • Borrowed materials are due two (2) weeks from the check-out date. Exceptions:
    • Due to popularity and the waitlist, some titles may have a one (1) week borrowing restriction.
    • Picture books should be returned in one (1) week.
  • Materials may be renewed once. Students should bring in their books to be rescanned.
  • Kindergarten students may borrow one book at a time from the book collection, however, the book choice will remain in the classroom.
  • Grade one (1) students may borrow one book at a time from the book collection.
  • Grade two (2) through Grade five (5) students may borrow up to two (2) books at a time.
  • Students who are allowed to borrow two (2) books and have only one (1) book currently out, may borrow another book if the first one is not overdue.
  • At the discretion of the Coyote Book Collection staff and the classroom teacher:
    • Some students may be limited to one book.
    • Some students may be allowed to borrow more books in order to complete classroom assignments.
  • One (1) week is considered one (1) rotation in the special’s schedule, not a chronological week.

For any questions or more information regarding the library, please contact the Coyote Book Collection at the above numbers.

Please visit Mrs. Kent’s website for more information about the Coyote Book Collection and other offered programs and activities.



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