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Physical Education Department

Mission Statement

Comprehensive health fosters student resilience through the coordinated teaching of health, physical education, and family and consumer sciences.

Comprehensive Health Education promotes the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors necessary for optimal physical, emotional, and social development based on personal uniqueness. The student’s lifestyle has a profound effect on the personal well-being and the building of a sound community. A dynamic positive relationship exists between a student’s health and academic achievement. A comprehensive health education curriculum motivates students to assume responsibility, analyze alternatives, and take positive action for their lives in order to develop resilience in their ever-changing environment.

Comprehensive Health Goals

  1. Promote as a value the health and well being of self and others.
  2. Recognize, analyze, and understand the physical, emotional, and social factors that influence student’s decisions.
  3. Develop decision making skills.
  4. Develop a heightened sense of personal and social responsibility that promotes leadership.
  5. Develop a positive self-image that leads to a strong sense of belonging within multiple and diverse communities.
  6. Recognize and utilize additional support from family, friends, and professional caregivers when appropriate.

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Mr. Allaire
First Floor, RMS 145 & 149

Ms. Demarsh
First Floor, RMS 145 & 149




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