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Letter to Families 10.01.2020

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Guardians:


I am writing to inform you that we were notified this afternoon that a staff member at Carver Middle High School tested positive for COVID-19.

Our first responsibility is to keep our students and staff safe. We have been planning for this scenario during our reopening planning process and have a comprehensive plan in place to respond. We are following all the protocols outlined by the Department of Health and Department of Education.  We are sanitizing the entire school this evening.  We have identified close contacts.  All close contacts should be tested and must self-quarantine for 14 days after the last exposure to the person who tested positive.  We have also notified the Carver Board of Health

Our staff and students have been closely adhering to the safety protocols including mask-wearing, hand washing, and physical distancing. We are grateful to our families for their continued efforts to keep students home at the first sign of symptoms. These measures, taken in combination, greatly reduce the risk of additional transmission.

We are committed to continuous communication to the school community.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the School Nurse Leader Karen Showan ([email protected]) or the building Principal Mike Schultz ([email protected]).

Thank you for your continued support.


Translated Letter:

Carta do Superintendente _ Letter from Superintendent Portuguese

Carta del superintendente Letter from Superintendent Spanish

Thư từ Giám đốc Letter from Superintendent Vietnamese

Letter from Superintendent خطاب من المشرف Arabic



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