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Late Bus Update for the Middle High School

We have had to make some adjustments to the late bus schedule for CMHS. Below is revised Late Bus schedule for the remainder of the calendar year. Please keep in mind that late bus route times are unpredictable and are based on the number of students on the bus and where they live in town. Some routes can take over and hour to complete.

Monday December 9 – North and South Bus
Tuesday December 10 – North bus only
Wednesday December 11 – South bus only
Thursday December 12 – North and South Bus

Monday December 16 – North and South Bus
Tuesday December 17 – South bus only
Wednesday December 18 – North bus only
Thursday December 19 – North and South Bus

*The Tuesday and Wednesday rotation of the North and South bus allows students the opportunity to stay with all of their teachers over the two week cycle. For example if a teachers late night is Tuesday, a student who needs to take the last bus will have the opportunity to stay with that teacher every other Tuesday depending on the bus they are on.

We will send out a new schedule via Jupiter-Ed after the Holiday break. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Middle High School main office at the 508-866-6131.



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