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MHS Update from Mr. Schultz


I hope this update finds you well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recognize all the hard work of our families and teachers, as we continue to support our students through the remote learning process. This is truly a team effort. We understand and recognize the challenges and we are here to support you. Please review the updated information below.

Term 4 final grades will be based on a credit/no credit designation and will be reported as either, Meets Expectations, Approaching, or Does Not Meet. We have determined that the following breakdown will determine your final grades for the year:

  • Term 1 = 30%
  • Term 2 = 30%
  • Mid Year Exams = 10%
  • Term 3 = 30%
    (there will be no grades lower than a 55%)

Once this has been calculated and your final grade for a class remains below a 60%, you will need to obtain a meets expectations to receive credit and pass the class. We will be calculating grades over the next week and guidance/administration will be contacting you if impacted.

Term 3 Report Cards:
Term 3 report cards have been printed and will be mailed out on Monday, May 4. You should receive them in the mail by the end of the week. If you do not receive a term 3 report card by then, please contact me.

Last Day of School:
The last day of school for Seniors will be May 22. Grades will close for Seniors on May 29th. The last day of school for grades 6-11 will be June 19th.

Accessing Building and Returning School Issued Materials:
We are developing a plan for students to return to the building in June to retrieve any items from lockers and other spaces in the building. We will also create a system for returning equipment, technology and textbooks. This will be planned for a time in June when hopefully some of the state restrictions have been lifted. We will update all families when these events have been scheduled.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mike Schultz
Principal, CMHS



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