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Transition Information for Middle High School

On Monday night, March 22, the Carver School Committee voted to return students in grades 6-12 to a full in-person learning model on Monday, April 26th.

In this model, students would attend school in person for five days per week.

Please see the letter linked below sent to all families from the Superintendent with additional important details and information.
Additional information can also be found under the “2020-2021 School Year Information” menu tab.

There are a couple of important pieces of information that the district needs to collect to finalize plans for the implementation of a full in person model on April 26th for students in grades 6-12. They are as follows:

Transportation Form 2020-2021 – March

Please complete this form for your student’s transportation needs for the transition to the full in-person learning model for the remainder of the school year. In order to ensure transportation for your student, please submit to the Director of Transportation by Thursday, April 1.

The completion of this form is a requirement for all students, even if your student does not require transportation services.

Please note: Students can only be assigned one bus route in the morning and one bus route in the afternoon.

Print only: Transportation Form 2020-2021 – March


Application to Switch Learning  Models

Please complete this if you intend to have your student switch models, either to remote learning or from remote learning to full in-person learning.  The Carver Public Schools will allow parents and families the option to participate in remote only learning if they choose.  We will also allow students who are currently fully remote to transition to full in-person learning.

Note:  There will be no hybrid option for students after the transition dates.  If your student is in the hybrid model they will be transitioning to in person learning.  If your student is not switching to the remote only learning or switching to in person from remote only learning, you do not need to complete this form.

Print Only: Application to Switch Learning  Models



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