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Please see the notice below from the Board of Health:

Effective Tuesday, October 1st, all outside activities shall be suspended from 5 pm to 7:30 am until further notice.  Please note this is an important modification of the original dusk to dawn ban as the days are getting shorter. If a hard frost does not occur before the end of October, the times for the curfew will, again, be reviewed and adjusted. This decision is based on the continued cases of EEE being found throughout the State, some being fatal. The current threat level remains at “CRITICAL”, there is no higher level. This is the Board’s responsibility to you, the public.

This is not a voluntary curfew! It applies to all properties under the
jurisdiction of the Town of Carver. It applies to all sports programs at CMHS. It applies to all Town recreational programs. Please, if you must be outside between 5 pm and 7:30 am, wear appropriate clothing (long sleeve shirts and pants) and use an EPA approved insect repellent. It’s called personal protection!

On behalf of your Board of Health, we appreciate your Understanding of how serious this threat is and your cooperation in keeping everyone safe. We really don’t want to have a confirmed case or death from EEE in Carver.

Art Borden, Chairman
Eric Mueller, Member
Barry Callis, Member

Mosquito critical ban 9.26



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