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Cultural Hispanic Heritage Week
sponsored by the Foreign Language National Honor Society

September 27th – October 1st 

Cultural Hispanic Heritage Week
By: Carly Cretinon

On Monday Sept. 27th through Friday Oct. 1st Mrs. Calvo, the Allied Arts Department, and the Spanish French National Honors Society (SFNHS) will be hosting a Hispanic week at Carver Middle High School (CMHS) in order for students to get involved in Hispanic culture.

In an interview  Mrs. Calvo stated, “One of the missions of the SFNHS is to promote culture. I want people to start talking about it. We [Spanish class] are not just one additional subject that you take it and that is it. It is not only about learning the language, it is also about the Culture”. Since most middle school students will be in their first year of a language next year, Mrs. Calvo wants to teach them that Spanish  is not only a subject or a language, there is an amazing culture that goes along with it. Hispanic week will be a fun and engaging way for students to get excited about taking a language next year.  

Mrs. Calvo, along with the officers of the SFNHS, have been planning Hispanic week for over a year. SFNHS and the Allied Art department (Foriegn Language, Art, Music, Culinary Arts) have full support from other departments and Administration. They will all equally be contributing to the expected success of our “Hispanic Week”. 

Sixth graders will be having a party.  Among other things, some Culinary students will be making Hispanic dishes, Hispanic music will be played in the morning, and there will be multiple giveaways in the mornings. In the library there will be a display of Hispanic Heritage reading materials starting on Monday. On Friday Oct. 1st there will be a Hispanic Dish on the menu!

11th grade SFNHS officer Amahra Reiss said, “It is going to be a fun week for everyone especially middle schoolers because they are either in their first year of a language or are about to go into their first year of language, and these engaging activities will spread the message that is not just about the language”.

Many SFNHS students will be coming to school on Sunday Sept. 26th to help decorate the school and in the mornings during Hispanic week several SFNHS members will be at school a little earlier in order to commence the giveaways. 

There has never been anything like this before at CMHS and Mrs. Calvo is expecting a really fun week for the students.



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