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Chromebooks FAQ’s

FAQ’s regarding Chromebooks at CMHS:

Note: Many questions regarding the use and care of Chromebooks can also be found in the parent presentation

Do I have to keep the box that Chromebook comes home in?  We are asking all parents to keep the box in case it is needed for shipping for repair.

Can I change the insurance option I selected?   For the upcoming year, the district has purchased one insurance policy for all devices, and students will be charged a user fee per device.

A technology account has been added through the  program, and students must complete an Acceptable Use Agreement (AUP) and  pay the fee online.  The deadline to pay the user fee and complete AUP is Friday September 13th.   

** It should be noted that a separate account must be created for each student in grades 8-12.  In order to create these accounts, students will be required to enter their student identification number. Students in grades 6 and 7 do not need to purchase insurance as their devices will remain in school throughout the school year

How with CMHS be using Chromebooks for learning?    A visioning process took place beginning August 2015 to develop a technology vision and how integrating technology can improve student learning.  The Carver Technology Vision Plan details a three- year proposed roll out to support student learning.

What is the process for new students to receive a Chromebook?
Mrs. Gould enrolls all new students→ then she sends an enrollment email to mhsenroll email group→ technology holds device if they are in grades 7-11→ student brings copy of insurance confirmation and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) signed by themselves and a parent to the main office and administrative assistant alerts technology→ technology will hand the Chromebook to the administrative assistant who will then hand the device to the student.

What is the penalty box?  This is a feature of the Chromebook filtering software. It will only allow students to visit a select few web sites, eg Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Jupiter Ed — and nothing else.

How does a student enter the penalty box?  Technology puts the student into the penalty box via the filtering console. This will only be done at the request of a teacher or administrator, who should also provide an end date.

What happened to students who did not use a Chromebook in 30 days?   Prior to the switch over to CPS_WAN for the district devices last week, students who did not have their district assigned Chromebook in school for 30+ days were denied access to the wireless network with their personal devices. Now that we no longer have a CPS_Student SSID, students will be using the “Guest” network without logging in with their user account.

What should a student do if their Chromebook is broken?   The student should tell their homeroom teacher then go to the main office, where an administrative assistant will help them determine if it can be fixed at the district level or direct them to make an insurance claim.

What is the procedure for students who withdraw from our school who were given a Chromebook?   They should give their Chromebook, charger, and box to the main office staff before leaving school. The office will contact Technology and technology will pick it up.

What are the steps for a student to borrow a Chromebook?Manufacturer Broken – When a student brings their broken chromebook to the office and it’s determined that the device is defective (and not damaged), an administrative assistant will give the student a permission slip for their parents to sign. When this is returned, the student will receive a loaner they can keep and take home until their device is repaired.    All other – Students may borrow Chromebooks or iPads by signing them out from the library at the start of the day.

What to do if a student damages a loaner?   Once it is reported to administration, an administrator will contact the student’s parent and make them aware of the incident. If we are able to determine the student has damaged the loaner they will be required to repair or replace.



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