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Robert Ewell  Department Chair: x6148 (8th grade English; 11th/12th grade Film & Lit; Short Story Comp) 

Melissa Burridge: x6355 (8th grade Honors English; 10th grade American Lit CP; 11th/12th grade Non-Fiction Comp; 11th/12th grade Film & Lit)

Morgan Dwyer: x (7th grade English; 8th grade English; Dystopian Lit)

 Rachael Kilnapp: x6401 (9th grade Honors English; 9th grade HLA; 11th/12th grade Mythology; AP 12th grade Lit & Comp )

Francesca Madeiros: x6273 (6th grade English)

KeAndra Markram: x  (10th grade American Lit Honors & CP; 11th/12th grade Psych & Lit; 11th/12th grade Short Story Comp)

 Jacqueline Perkins: x6329 (11th/12 grade Non-Fiction Comp; 11th/12th grade Memoir; 11th/12 grade Science Fiction; 11th grade AP Language & Comp)

Beth Reardon: x6321 (6th grade English)

Paula Shaw: x6380 (7th grade English & 7th grade Theatre Arts)

Lindsey Villeneuve: x   (9th grade CP English & Non-Fiction Comp)


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