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Wednesday 23rd of April, 2014
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 2013-2014 MCAS



Grade 3

ELA/Reading Comprehension

March 17 & 19


May 5 & 7


Grade 4



March 18

ELA/Reading Comprehension

March 21 & 25


May 9 & 13


Grade 5


ELA/Reading Comprehension

March 20 & 24


May 12 & 14

Science and Technology/Engineering

May 6 & 8

Kindergarten registration will be held by appointment only during the month of April.  Parents/guardians need to call the EKW Building to make an appointment to register and for a hearing/vision screening between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. The phone number is (508) 866-6210. Only children who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2014 are eligible to enroll.  For more information, you may contact the EKW building at the above number or click here.
Parent Information Night for incoming kindergarten students will be held soon.  This special event will help families prepare for the transition into kindergarten.  Please check back as more information will be coming about this event.
It was wonderful to see so many of you during Parent/Teacher conferences. We hope you all took the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s current performance. If you were unable to come in during conference time and you would like to meet with your child’s teacher, you are most welcome to call the office to schedule a meeting. The students have been working very hard and we are all very proud of their progress.
BOKS offered at Carver Elementary School!  The Old Colony Y will once again be offering the BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) program.  This program is a before school physical activity and nutrition program for grades 1 through 5, and will run from February 25th through April 17, every Tuesday and Thursday.  BOKS is based on the book “Spark” by Dr. John Ratey, whose research shows that moderate to vigorous activity optimizes brain function and gets the students ready to learn. The program begins at 7:20 until school begins and the cost is $25 per family. The class is filled with team oriented games, relays, strength movements and lots of play and fun!Contact the Y for more information at 508-833-4796.

For important information regarding Ice and Cold Water Safety, please click here.
Information regarding Carver Elementary School's report card can be found on the following links:

Parent/Guardian Notification Letter

Carver Elementary School Report Card

The Carver Elementary School Student Handbook can now be accessed online.  Please
click here to view it.
The Old Colony YMCA will be offering a summer program, Summer Fun Club (SFC), from June 23rd through August 22nd.  The program hours are from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday - Friday.  Children will particiapte in crafts, teambuilding, sports, the arts, educational and social skills activities as well as be able to attend the many field trips that will be offered throughout the summer.  For more information about this program, please
click here.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures:    When it is necessary to bring your child to school, please adhere to the following drop off procedure.  All students must be dropped off at our morning drop off circle (located at the Governor John Carver cafeteria) only between 8:05 – 8:20 A.M. Please review the attached map for more information. Students arriving to school after 8:25 must be signed in by a parent/guardian at the Erwin K. Washburn building. Please remember that children cannot be dropped off prior to 8:05 A.M.  
For students not taking the bus at the end of the day, our pick-up location has moved to the GJC cafeteria.  Students from the EKW building will be escorted to the GJC cafeteria.  Parents/guardians may enter the cafeteria once supervisory staff arrive to open the door at 2:40 pm.  Parents/guardians will sign out their children from the GJC cafeteria.  Identification is required.  For additional information regarding dismissal, please refer to our handbook which can be accessed on the link above.  Thank you for your cooperation.
School security remains our priority. We have implemented new school security procedures, which include locking the front doors of the Governor John Carver Building and having all visitors report to the Erwin K. Washburn Building. We will continue with this procedure and we thank you for your patience and the support you have given us. We know that these changes are vital to ensure safety for everyone.
Anyone wanting to volunteer in any capacity at Carver Elementary School is welcomed. Remember you must complete a CORI form and attend one of our volunteer trainings, even if you are chaperoning a field trip.  The next training will be held on September 17 at 9:00 am in the GJC cafeteria.  If you plan on attending this training, please call the office to reserve a spot. The CORI process can be completed through the Superintendent’s office or at either of the elementary school offices. You will need identification for the process. 

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