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Building Project

The School Committee Policy regarding the Naming of New School is here:  Policy FF Naming Facilities


The School Committee is seeking staff input on the name of the New Elementary School.  Below is a link to a brief survey for you to provide your thoughts.  Thank you in advance for your responses.


Link to Carver Elementary Webcam Time-Lapse Video January 2017- April 2017


Aerial Photos of Elementary School Construction – March 2017


2017.11 (November) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.10 (October) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.09 (September) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.08 (August) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.07 (July) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.06 (June) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.05 (May) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.04 (Apr) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.03 (Mar) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.02 (Feb) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2017.01 (Jan) Town of Carver Monthly Report

2016.12 (Dec) Town of Carver Monthly Report

OCTOBER and NOVEMBER 2016 -PMA Monthly Report

Carver Communication Flow Diagram

2014.12.01 Decision Matrix Schedule

2015.01.12 SBC Presentation

2015.02.04 SBC Presentation

2015.02.23 SBC Presentation

2015.03.10 SBC Presentation

2015.03.24 SBC Presentation

2015.04.09 SBC Presentation

2015.05.18 SBC Presentation

Carver MSBA FAS Meeting_5-13-15-rev1

2015.06.03 Carver, Carver ES Preferred Schematic Board Action Letter

2015.07.07 Carver SBC Presentation

2015.07.20 Carver SBC Presentation

2015.08.03 Carver SBC Presentation

2015.08.17 Carver SBC Presentation

2015.08.31 Carver SBC Presentation

2015.09.10 Carver SBC Presentation

2015.10.27 Carver Outreach Presentation (REV05)

2015.10.28 Tri Fold Outreach Handout

2015.11.18 Carver, Carver ES_SD Board Action Letter

Options for Elementary School Project (March 2015)

CES_3-23-15 – Opt A Add Reno-Plan
CES_3-23-15 – Opt A Add Reno-View Massing

CES_3-23-15 – Opt C1 New Const-Plan
CES_3-23-15 – Opt C1 New Const-View Massing

CES_3-23-15 – Opt C2 New Const-Plan
CES_3-23-15 – Opt C2 New Const-View Massing

CES_3-23-15 – Opt E1 New Const-Plan
CES_3-23-15 – Opt E1 New Const-View Massing

CES_3-23-15 – Opt E2 New Const-Plan
CES_3-23-15 – Opt E2 New Const-View Massing


Building Committee: Meeting Agendas and Minutes


MSBA Initial Compliance Certification – 2/11/2014
Preliminary Enrollment Report
Follow Up Questionnaire for Enrollment Projections
Carver Educational Profile for MSBA 2/2014
Maintenance and Capital Plan
Statement of Interest – March 2013
Letter from Attorney Garrity – Contracts
Elementary Building Maps
Elementary Staffing
Kingscott Opinion Letter
Kingscott Photos
Kingscott Study


Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)
Information 2007-2012

OPTIONS for the Elementary School Building Project

Option B-3
Option H
Option J

Building Project Cost Summary

School Building Committee Meeting Dates, Minutes & Agendas ~ click here

MSBA Correspondence to Carver

MSBA Letter to Carver February 1, 2010
MSBA Letter to Carver December 1, 2010

Carver Correspondence to MSBA

Carver Letter to MSBA – June 29, 2010
Carver Letter to MSBA – October 5, 2010
Carver Letter to MSBA – November 9, 2019
Carver Letter to MSBA – January 3, 2011

The MSBA has invited Carver to participate in a Feasibility Study for the Governor John Carver Elementary School and has approved the Carver School Building Committee members.

Link to the Pre-MSBA Feasibility Study

Link to Feasibility Study & Project Milestones

Construction Manager at Risk Review

CM at Risk Under M.G.L. c. 149A

The Carver School Building Committee invites interested individuals to join the committee. Invitation details.

Q & A’s ~ Question & Answers

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