Welcome to the Preschool Program! We take pride in providing a variety of developmentally appropriate learning experiences to make your child’s initial school experience a positive and memorable one. The classroom environment is bright and child-centered, and we have experienced and well-qualified teaching and support staff.

The classroom population consists of children who exhibit disabilities, which may include speech and language, social/emotional, fine motor, gross motor, and/or cognitive delays. The integrated model includes the addition of typically developing peers.

Children with special needs are identified for the program through monthly screenings and early intervention programs. For children identified through early intervention programs, a transition meeting is scheduled with the family approximately ninety days prior to their third birthday to review the child’s current program. At this meeting the evaluation process is reviewed and program options are explained. When consent is signed, an observation of the child is conducted in their natural environment. Assessments are scheduled by appropriate staff in the areas of suspected disability. Once assessments are completed a team meeting is held to discuss the results and make appropriate recommendations. For children who are referred through early intervention this meeting is held prior to the child’s third birthday so services may commence on the child’s third birthday.

Typically developing peers are chosen by lottery following a developmental screening in the spring. Dates for screenings are listed in the Carver Reporter.
The Preschool is located in the primary school of the Elementary School campus. Preschool is in session during the hours of:

AM Session: 8:30-11:00 AM PM Session: 11:45 AM-2:00 PM

If you feel that your preschooler, age 2½ to 5 (just before kindergarten), has special needs, please contact the school and schedule a screening. Screenings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month throughout the school year. Please contact  Ms. Wethington (508-866-6403) with any questions and for scheduling.
For more information regarding this program, you may refer to the Elementary School Handbook or you may call the Carver Primary School at (508) 866-6210.

Mrs. Blackden
EKW, Pod 1, Room 5

Mrs. Mitchell
EKW, Pod 1, Room 2

Mrs. Wethington
EKW, Pod 1, Room K1