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Bridge Contest Winners

Four students from Carver Middle High School were recognized for finishing in the top 20 for the 12th Annual Ralph Salvucci Online Bridge Contest run by the Boston Society of Civil Engineers. The contest was open for Massachusetts students as a Sub-Contest of the National Engineering Encounters Bridge Design Contest.
The winners were as follows:
19th place: Senior, Sam Estes
18th place: Grade 7, Holly Lauzon
5th place: Braden Froehlich and Gavin Morey.
Braden and Gavin received prizes valued at $100 ea. and Holly and Sam received $20 gift cards.
Braden and Gavin’s design also qualified them as 1 of 2 middle school teams from Massachusetts to compete in the semi-final round to be held at 1:00pm on May 30th. Over 8,780 teams competed in the qualifying round submitting over 27,800 unique bridge designs. This is the 3rd year in a row that CMHS has had a student compete in the middle school portion of the contest. Holly Lauzon and Kyle Rizzuto in 2013 and Amanda Harrington in 2012 were the others.
We wish Gavin and Braden best of luck as they try to be the 1st CMHS team to make it to the finals at West Point, NY on June 27-28 for a shot at $1,000 cash scholarship each and a tablet computer donated by Dell for both also.

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